Basket of Flowers

Mother Blessing $150

Extra Love, Extra Strength

A 'Mother Blessing' is pattered after a 'Blessingway' from the Navajo people. This pre-birth tradition is a sacred ceremony for mothers-to-be, it is now called a 'Mother Blessing' out of respect for the Navajo people. 

Baby showers are usually about the baby, but Mother Blessings are for the Mother-to-be. We invite your close family & friends to give you love, to give you strength, to give you peace as you prepare to give birth. 

Whats included in your Mother Blessing:

  • A stress-free​ Mother Blessing prepared & planned by me, your doula.

  • Invitations & postage... no worries i'll even drop it off at the post office

  • Candles for your guests to light while you labor

  •    LED candle for you to keep and light as you labor, knowing those who love you are thinking of you and sending you positive vibes

  • Pampering done by those who care for you (foot soak, message, Belly art)

  • Mini henna body art for you and guests

  • Fear burning ceremony for all  

  • Letters of love & encouragement from your guests

  • wrist binding ritual 

  • Potluck meal... I even bring paper ware & lemon water ( I told you it was stress free!)